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The rollout of 5G is making global headlines, with everyone now wanting to connect to the internet with the new technology, and China is at the forefront. How is the race shaping up?

The battle over the installation of the next generation of telecommunications equipment around the world can sometimes seem almost as intense as the Cold War that followed World War II and for a good reason—the stakes are high because 5G technology is likely to change life and business fundamentally around the world.

The new standard offers speeds up to 100 times faster than 4G, and latency (the delay between sending information and that information being received) up to 120 times lower. The 5G standard also promises to transform our daily lives with smart cities, self-driving cars and medical breakthroughs, as well revolutionizing military and security technology. The main players over who will control the future of 5G technology are China and the United States.

On the Chinese side, the most prominent player is Huawei Technologies, China’s biggest telecoms equipment firm, which has been accused by the US of placing backdoors in its telecommunications networks installed around the world, providing data access to Chinese intelligence services. The US

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