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Applying Business Logic to Philanthropy: Adream Foundation

It may not have been the goal of Adream Foundation’s founders, Pan Jiangxue and Wu Chong, to rework the philanthropic relationship between donors and recipients, but that is what they ended up doing. Their basic aim was to improve educational quality in China’s countryside and inner cities, but given their backgrounds, it was perhaps inevitable that these two financiers would look to inject a dose of efficiency that was sorely missing in China’s charity sector when they started in 2007.

Adream found a way to make a mark, not just by scaling up nationwide efforts toward an admirable cause, but also by repositioning philanthropy as a successful and trustworthy financial proposition in a country full of civic potholes. They inherited a linear charity model and invented an integrated resource platform, turning donors, local governments, schools and teachers into impassioned “dream partners.”

In many ways the Adream charity operates like a regular company. It offers a range of products, including custom-designed classrooms known as “Adream Centers,” lesson plans that form the “Adream Curriculum,” a training program for teachers

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