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Pampered pooches have become beloved members of many Chinese families, and the pet care industry is booming as a result

According to the old joke, Chinese people love dogs, particularly stewed. But it’s a joke that no longer applies—dogs as pets have become the latest fad across China and this has given birth to a huge pet industry.

Dogs in urban China, mostly of small varieties, can be seen wearing tiny shoes, being pushed around in prams and sporting tailored outfits. Many of the dogs eat almost as well as their masters. Pet stores, dog breeders and even mobile app companies all doing great business.

Xinyi Liu, a 29-year-old customer service consultant, wakes up every morning to find her dog’s wet nose pressed up against her cheek, and before having breakfast herself, she feeds him and takes him outside for some fresh air.

“I love my dog and see him as a family member,” says Liu, speaking to CKGSB Knowledge, “He’s been a wonderful companion to me for the three years that I’ve had him.”

A passion for pooches

China’s overall retail sector is currently weak with the country facing a slowing economy, but pet stores are.

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