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YOU, TOO, CAN BE... A WINNER! Here’s how

Anew year holds much promise. It’s a new beginning, with new hopes, plans and resolutions. It’s a chance to create a new you by leaving behind old habits and other things that no longer fit. If you’re thinking of making a change in your personal or professional life this year, you’re in luck.

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classic Cool The Timeless Appeal of Eisenberg Ice
Winter seems like the perfect time to explore a company that referred to its rhinestone jewelry as ice. Yes, even when advertising early Eisenberg Original pieces, the company described its jewelry this way even though pieces weren’t actually marked
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It's ELEMENTARY My Dear Collector
The word provenance is derived from the French term provenir, meaning “to come from.” When a collector considers purchasing a work of art, the subject of the work’s provenance is often brought up. When the term is used in fine art, or antiques, it re
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My New Year's Resolution New Year's Resolution with strings attached
MY WASHBURN ACOUSTIC GUITAR is propped up in the corner of our second-floor bedroom. It’s a good-looking guitar, with a golden spruce top and dark mahogany sides and back. A little dusty, a little out of tune, certainly, but quite handsome nonetheles