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Since purchasing my Jeep five years ago, it has been my privilege to escort many local veterans in area parades. These are great men whom I respect and feel a need to honor while we still can. Sadly, several of the veterans in

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Rough Terrain Fork Lift
Some vehicle sightings along Vietnamese highways during the period of 1968-70 were neither weapons platforms nor transport vehicles. In fact, a common vehicle seen in many US Army convoys in Vietnam was the RTFL (Rough Terrain Fork Lift). Moving alon
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Code BLUE: USAF Jeep
My Jeep adventures began with the purchase of a Korean War M1 Garand rifle. Because of my interest in the rifle, I started watching every war movie that featured M1s. In those movies, I saw a lot of jeeps, as well. About the same time, I joined a loc
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SPECIFICATIONS: G-253 40mm Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun
Mass 24.8 tons (loaded) Length 5.82 m (19 ft 1 in) Width 3.23 m (10 ft 7 in) Height 2.85 m (9 ft 4 in) Crew 4–6 Armor 9–25 mm M2A1 40 mm twin anti-aircraft gun with 336 rounds 1 × M1919A4 7.62 mm machine gun or 7.62mm M60 machine gun Engine 6-cylinde