Finest Hour

Churchill on the Pitch

In 1994 the United States hosted the World Cup, and I was the artist on Umbro’s Soccerblast: Legends of Soccer Tour. I worked alongside American soccer superstar Michelle Akers-Stahl; Sir Stanley Matthews, who was England’s wizard of the dribble; England’s 1966 World Cup goalkeeper hero Gordon Banks; and Brazilian legend Roberto Rivelino.

It was my role standing pitch side to draw the goals as they flew in

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Came the Man
Winston Churchill became First Lord of the Admiralty for the second time at the start of the Second World War in September 1939. As in 1914, when Churchill held the office at the start of the First World War, he presided over the largest naval force
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A Difference Between Natures
Although very different in personality, the self-contained and often inflexible Neville Chamberlain and the emotional and often impulsive Winston Churchill had four things in common during their formative years. First, both had fathers who were among
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Finest Hour
Justin Reash Paul H. Courtenay, James W. Muller Ronald I. Cohen Michael McMenamin Timothy Riley Stuart Ball, John Campbell, Iain Carter, Ophelia Field, Kenneth O. Morgan, T. G. Otte, David Stafford, Philip Williamson United Kingdom Fred Glueckstein,