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taming a hissy feline

even if you don’t own a cat, it’s universally known that some felines can be devilishly mean. If you’ve returned home to ripped blankets or scarves, or have found random bunches of poop in your bags, slippers or bed, know that you’re not alone. American reality television show, My Cat From Hell, has seven seasons showcasing this furkid’s naughtiness!

Don’t fret, because these clawed devils can be tamed. Yes, you heard us right. “Any cat can be effectively trained,” shares Dr Elise Robertson, a feline specialist and endoscopist at Amber Cat Vet. She adds: “The ease of training will depend on the age of the cat, its personality and past experiences.” Maureen Tay, a certified professional dog trainer at KasPup UniFURsity, agrees. “I know cats that can do agility and tricks,” she says. “If

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We advocate for humane, force-free, rewards focused and evidence based approaches to animal training. Examples of this are the use of rewards such as food, toys or praise to promote desired behaviours, as well as to encourage the learning of alternat