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you the best reviews coverage we can is of critical importance to us so we have put together a manifesto (below) that explains

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The Green Prescription
As I write, we are ending another period of lockdown and hopefully by the time you read this we will be on our way back to normal, with the future looking brighter than it does at present. I felt the reintroduced restrictions even harder than the fir
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Full-length Fighter
It’s wrong to pick a rifle on looks alone, but I think most of us have been guilty of that at some time or another. And so it was with the Benjamin Cayden, a hunting rifle that at first glance looks like a traditional sporter, but on closer inspectio
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Strip Down, Oil Up
You must be mad!” was the response I got from one of my shooting buddies when I told him all about my latest idea. And it wasn’t just my latest idea, it was one of my greatest ideas! After all, what could be better than stripping the finish from an o