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At my grandfather’s funeral, we feasted on 10 whole pigs, roasted on the spit before being expertly chopped up by men whipping knives through the air so fast, you felt sure the tip of a finger must end up on your plate. The generous servings of glistening pork are a must at family gatherings, an affirmation that we’re all together and flourishing and healthy enough to gorge ourselves on a hunk of salty, fatty meat.

There’s a lot I love about Filipino crispy pata: the fact that it uses an underappreciated cut, the hock; the crispy skin; the way it’s always shared. I first ate it in winter at in Panmure. I gnawed on the bone in a porky haze, slowly coming to the realisation of just how much I had eaten and proceeding to half-heartedly chew on a couple of cold lettuce leaves in an attempt

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The Floating Suburb
On a hot Friday afternoon, the queue for the boat to Waiheke stretches back to the Ferry Building. There is one line for tourists and another for locals. They are worlds apart. The backpack-toting tourists are happy, sun-kissed and laughing; the loca
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Bringing Art To The World
The art world loves to hate an art fair. From the VIP parties, to the admission prices, to the outright commercialisation of art — it is really the perfect balance of things to get under the skin of an arts worker on a moral high horse (and we love o
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Alcohol Free
Despite news reports (and trend reports) suggesting a cultural shift towards drinking less, the truth is more complicated. Binge drinking might be downward trending (which is great) but casual drinking — a glass of wine to unwind after work, for exam