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Quinn Cox and Stella Starsky have not read The Luminaries. They confess to this with the same faint air of apology as many did after it won the Man Booker Prize in 2013. “Is it really 848 pages?” asks Cox.

He and Starsky, New Yorkers partnered in love and work, are not alone in having balked at Eleanor Catton’s novel — but they may be in also appearing in its acknowledgements. Starsky and Cox are celebrity astrologers to the stars, credited with having taken the field from “new age” to “now age” with their racy 2003 bestseller Sextrology.

Known to some as “the Red Bible”, it caused a sensation on publication for its highly specific and sexually explicit assessments of all 12 star signs, split into men and women. A representative (and actually relatively restrained) gem pertaining to my own sign: “Every Pisces female, no matter how many homo or hen-pecked husbands she hides behind, is fairly itching to play Lady Chatterley to some raw and hunky gamekeeper.”

According to Starsky and Cox, has been translated into 16 languages and

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