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Friends in need

Anne (not her real name), a 35-year-old administrator based in Auckland, is telling me about how her seven-year relationship with her current partner began with an emotional affair. “I cheated on my emotionally abusive ex, and the third person I cheated with wasn’t a one-night stand like the previous two,” she explains, adding that the affair with her now-partner consisted of “catching up for food, going to art galleries and gigs,

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The flatbed just clipped us. A peck on the nose. Not enough to spin us or flip us, but enough to send our tuk-tuk driver into a fury. He pulled up to the truck at the next traffic lights, slapped the driver’s door, and started screaming in Urdu. The
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Towards the end, exhaustion seemed to almost win: the bodies dragged themselves up from the floor as if gravity had tripled in strength. But, in an instant, a new opponent appeared, and the fighters collapsed into tackles, the weight of their shoulde
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On a steep backstreet in Manurewa almost 20 years ago, my heart raced as cars backed up behind me. My left hand shook as it gripped the gear stick, and my foot planted on the brake was almost cramping from fear and stress. I was a learner driver att