Tips for staying in with family and connecting with friends

Experts have advice for how you can handle social distancing with your family and stay connected with friends online.
A father and daughter look at each other while sitting at the kitchen table. She looks hesitant, while he rests his face on his hand

Social distancing, according to infectious disease experts, is one of the best ways to try to slow the spread of COVID-19. But what about its psychological consequences?

“It’s important to be creative and maintain as much meaningful connection with family and friends as possible, says Harry Reis, a professor of psychology at the University of Rochester.

“And it’s important not to panic. We will get past this crisis and then there will be lots of good stories to share. Everybody has to do the best they can so that as many of us as possible can come out of this crisis healthy and happy.”

Here, Reis and Ronald Rogge, an associate professor of psychology, discuss the effects of social distancing, how families can cope, and the importance of keeping in touch with friends:

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