Need for speed

When I was 17, I passed my driving test and got my first speeding ticket a month later. I haven’t got better with age. Just before I started my slow journey, I was thrown out of a speed awareness class for not switching off my phone. Selling my car

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Blogger Spotlight
Jo Allison is passionate about cooking simple family food with ingredients from her pantry. Her meals are easy, quick and nutritious, and she favours seasonal, locally sourced ingredients.At, she shares recipes for wholesome, tas
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Katie Piper’s Quick Guide To Resilience
1 Don’t live in the past. Take each day as it comes and focus on the future. 2 Surround yourself with good friends and family, because they will bring you up when you are feeling down. 3 Don’t let a bad day turn into a bad week – accept any difficu
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Coaching Exercises
• Make a list of the people who treat you with respect and those who take advantage of you. • Make a note of when and with whom you can assert your boundaries. • What are the costs and the benefits of your people-pleasing behaviour? • Answer this que