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overty is a downer, no two ways about it. It refuses to be made history, though, mercy knows, it should have

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New Internationalist2 мин. чтения
Covid-19 Helping Others
Coronavirus has exposed the already vulnerable – the elderly, the immunocompromised, rough sleepers, undocumented people, those with psychological disabilities, single parents, those in insecure work – to countless more vulnerabilities. But powerful
New Internationalist13 мин. чтения
To Protect Life
A global health crisis can come in different forms. It can sweep across countries, stalling economies, paralysing health services and killing far too many people before their time. It can lead to overnight job losses, business closures, food supply p
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Reasons To Be Cheerful
A Sami indigenous community in northern Sweden has won an historic land-rights victory against the government. In the court’s decision to return exclusive control over fishing and hunting rights to Girjas, a village of reindeer herders, it recognized