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about it, what is the biggest cause of fear when riding? Fear is an unpleasant and usually strong emotion based on the anticipation of danger. Our bodies react automatically to this perception of danger and try to protect us, but when we ride motorcycles, our reactions often cause more harm than good. Keith Code, author of the renowned books, calls these “survival reactions.” There are seven survival reactions, as listed in . They are 1) rolling off

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Can you think outside the box? Connect all the dots in four strokes without taking your pen off the paper. Answer is on page 61 How’d you do? You have to think outside the box, literally, to complete this puzzle. ■
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Seen But Forgotten
New(ish) research out of England sheds new light on why car drivers cut us off so often. According to the study – The “Saw but Forgot” Error: A role for short-term memory failures in understanding junction crashes – the real reason that cagers drive
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Kicking Fatigue To The Curb
As a riding coach, track-day enthusiast and former pro racer with more than 20 years of experience, I spend a lot of time at the racetrack. I also enjoy riding and touring on the street. With all the riding I do, I sometimes get tired. However, there