For one evening in early September this year, the Goethe-Institut Max Mueller Bhavan in Delhi dropped its gender-segregated frisking system and changed its traditional girl/boy washrooms to include all genders. The space, a hotbed between the capital’s cultural ecosystem and queer movement, was transformed. Think UV lighting and electronic music alongside a non-binary makeup workshop, performances, poetry, drag kings, and gender non-conforming DJs disrupting the institution and demanding a safer space for everyone. We called it the Queer Futures Potluck Party, where we each brought

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Santosh goes only by her first name, the shadow of caste removed by dispelling her last. She is a sweeper and one of over 70,000 sanitation workers employed by the Municipal Corporation of Delhi. These days, they work a high-risk job at minimum wage,
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In Solitude
To those of you reading this in your rooms: you are lucky to have a room, everything will and won’t be okay. If you aren’t already in love with loneliness, you must learn, and it will need practice. I’ve been practising since I was a child. Whatever
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Dr Minal Dakhave Bhosale
Her story is the stuff of hashtags, tweets and modern history. She’s the virologist who delivered a working test kit hours before she was rushed in for a caesarean section. With seven years of experience in molecular disease detection procedures, her