Shazé was ÿrst launched as a luxury silverware brand in 2001, quickly winning the favour of discerning aesthetes with their collectibles and gift pieces. Ever since, it has evolved

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Age Is Just A Number
Jay and I had just moved back to Mumbai from San Francisco and London, respectively, back in 2007. We were both dealing with an adjustment shock and were introduced by a mutual friend, at Ghetto,” says Gauri Devidayal, 40. Yousuf was going through a
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Finest Hour
What do three of our favourite chefs enjoy cooking for themselves? “I love cooking British shellfish in a light, fragrant Asian broth with turmeric and ginger, thickened with rice and sweetcorn.” “I love making a nourishing farmers’ market salad. I
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Second Chances
So deeply ingrained is Levi’s in contemporary culture that you can count on your fingers the number of era-defining moments it has lived. To solidify its role as a cultural aggregator, the 168-year-old label launched Levi’s Secondhand in October. Thi