On October 24, 1975, we did not go to work. We did not do any housework. We did not cook. We did not look after children. I was 21 years old.

I was standing in a sea of women at the biggest demonstration in Iceland’s history. We went on to the streets to protest wage discrepancy and unfair employment practices. We demonstrated

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WOMANKIND’S Early Morning Challenge
Day one: It has been eight days since the love of my life left me. After a week spent believing my heart had become too heavy for my body to carry, I’m starting to feel better. I decide to wake up at 6.30am instead of 7. Work starts at 7.30am and it
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Peak Times In A Life Journey
Dream big, take risks, reach for the stars. If we seek to have a mountain top experience, is this what we need to do to get there? Yes, indeed. Visualising one’s hopes and dreams is critical to achieving them. Setting intentions and goals - imagining
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Finding Creativity
We have been led to believe that creativity is something that a special few possess - artists, writers, poets, musicians, and actors. A list of ‘creative’ fields will include all of the above, with some professional fields thrown into the mix like ar