What really is wellness in today’s time? Earlier, if you were not bedridden, hospital-prone, depressed – you were considered fit and fine. However, this is where the health paradigms are slowly but surely shifting. Worldover, prevention

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Jitish Kallat transcribing From An Emergent Energy
Jitish Kallat’s expansive artwork, Ellipsis, has a near-scientific allure, with its longitudinal and latitudinal lyricism. Like a map of the Universe might lead you into its labyrinthian water bodies, intergalactic spaces, planetary topographies, mys
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The India Art Fair, 2020
This year’s edition of the India Art Fair, 2020, saw participation by a number of national and international galleries. The Fair was also a promising site of the growing prominence of the Indian art scene, with international galleries exhibiting and
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Assembling a review of this year’s India Art Fair, Shalini is Founder of the Shalini Passi Art Foundation and MASH (an acronym for My Art Shalini), a magazine which combines perspectives on art, design, architecture, crafts and fashion. “MASH seeks t