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Exploring the seven seas

Being on a boat is the ultimate burst of freedom. In planes and cars, you’re in an enclosed space, cut off from all the smells and sights. On a boat, with the wind, sun and sea spray brushing your hair, you get a sense of new horizons, and how the ocean has offered opportunity for travel throughout humankind’s history.

If we know it’s going to be

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Run This Town
@sainsburyb AS HEAVY DROPS OF SALTwater hit my face, the distinctive aroma of tobacco leaf drifts from the houses opposite and mixes with that of diesel fumes. A lone trumpeter sits on the seawall, unperturbed by the crashing waves, diligently practi
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Weekend In Mysore, Karnataka
To treat yourself to a simple, fuss-free getaway Learn about Mysore’s rich history, check out its abundant wildlife, and treat yourself to copious amounts of Mysore pak. The royal Mysuru Palace, or Maharaja’s Palace, has luxurious interiors complete
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Get Out Of Town
@sum.err.pun Out of MANGALORE (90KM) Located on the coast of Karnataka, less than a hundred kilometres from Mangalore, Kundapura is the ideal family holiday destination. Whether you’d like to do something with your partner, want the kids to have a go