Lose a Partner, Pack on the Pounds?

— which literally translated from German means “grief bacon” — refers to our evolutionary tendency to hoard or indulge in food when a long-term relationship ends. And

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Close To The Vest
While most of the world is trying to lose weight, you might want to gain some — in the form of a weighted vest. This versatile training tool can make even the most basic of exercises more demanding by increasing your calorie burn and metabolism witho
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I have picked up Oxygen in the past, but this one has to be the best one yet! The “Blend In” and “Make-Ahead Meals” articles in the Spring 2020 issue were exactly what I was looking for. Thanks! — KONOCHIA, VIA EMAIL I am really loving the newest inc
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Health-food Frauds
Food and drink manufacturers are brilliant at making products seem healthier than they are by using hot-button words like “whole-grain,” “all-natural” and “plant-based.” (For more help deciphering this marketing-speak, see Page 114!) Some products ar