Protect Your Chicks From Predators

hicks are a favorite food for snakes and rats. Both

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Real Food & Cooking
Get a premium grind in half the time with the .35-horsepower #5 Big Bite Meat Grinder! With a large meat pan (measuring 11-1/4 by 9-1/8 by 2-1/4 inches deep), a rifled head (for easier second grind), all metal gears, and the ability to grind 4 pounds
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Grist for Your Mill Heirloom Wheat
Wheat is the most widely cultivated crop in the world. Easy to grow, this grain is sown from the tropics to the Arctic Circle, and has been an important human food source for at least 10,000 years. Historically, wheat fields often contained multiple
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Portable Poultry
Permanent chicken houses and fenced runs are wonderful if you have the space and the means to keep them clean, compost the litter, and spread it around. However, if you want your chickens to be productive workers in your yard and garden, you might wa