How It Works

Sewage types

While sewage is generally classed under the one term, it isn’t all the same. There

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Did You Know?
Robert Walpole is considered the first prime minister of the UK The first space tourist, Dennis Tito, paid $20 million to fly to the ISS in 2001 The smallest and largest human cells are male and female reproductive cells. Earth’s 23-degree axia
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Ghost Towns
There’s something incredibly eerie about a town with no inhabitants, but there are many such places dotted around the world, left behind by those who once called them home. With no one remaining to maintain houses, buildings and roads, they slowly de
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Metabolism In Action
There is little glycogen stored in the brain. In times when glycogen is in short supply, cells in the brain can use molecules called ketone bodies, which come from fatty acids, as an energy source. In the kidneys a process called gluconeogenesis occu