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Breaking Bread

At 2 a.m., when the streets of downtown San Antonio are hushed and still—save for a few night owls—bakers are flipping on the lights in La Panadería.

They slice and knead dough that will be transformed into torta loaves, delicately sweet conchas, and flaky croissants stuffed with berries and cream. After rolling and shaping balls on a floured marble surface, they hit them with a soft thwack and set them aside to rise.

La Panadería’s recipes originated four

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Far West Texas has large colonies of rosy-purple bull grass, which can be found along the mountain slope grasslands at Davis Mountain State Park as well as Big Bend and Guadalupe Mountains national parks. tpwd.texas.gov/state-parks/davismountains; np
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Greet the Seasons
In Texas, most folks rarely get to skate outdoors on ice. Their best chances arrive around the holidays, when rinks start popping up in towns and cities across the state. Eisbahn Skating Rink in Fredericksburg is open until Jan. 3 (excluding Christma
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How Sweet It Is
When working in his family’s citrus groves, David Strohmeyer Jr. likes to take an occasional refreshment break. He squeezes a just-picked Persian lime into his water and chugs the bottle on the spot. “It will get you through the day,” he says. If you