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Leah Swann, 49, was born in Melbourne where she remembers

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It was the gridlock that mesmerised the world. The Ever Given, a 221,000-ton ship, got stuck in the Suez Canal after running aground during high winds. It caused a 165 vessel pile-up, halted global trade and cost billions before being freed by tugs a
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How To Save Your Skin This Winter
At the beginning of winter, gardeners have their work cut out for them. There is pruning and tidying to be done, not to mention bulb and bare-root planting. In fact, this time is so crucial that many spring problems can be traced back to how much you
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Jillian Cantor, 42, grew up in Pennsylvania where, she says, “I was a quiet kid, finding adventure in stories. As I got older, my love of reading fiction turned into a desire to write my own.” To date she has written 10 novels and now lives in Arizon