Wake Up

didn’t know whether to laugh, cry, or simply to be angry. I’d just sent out an e-message to the community; in it, I’d asked readers to spare a thought for our fire-ravaged communities, and to urge our leaders to act on climate change. Soon after, I received an email in response. It was from JH. But JH didn’t want to spare a thought for those in fire-ravaged communities, or to express sorrow for the loss of wild

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Since 1981, Wild has been informing, entertaining and educating Australian adventurers young and old. Our readers, contributors and community are what have enabled us to prosper over these past 30 years. So, if you want to pick up the latest issue of
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Ducan Spine
Two years ago, Mammut introduced its Trion Spine pack. The pack garnered rave reviews—even from tech-sceptics—most notably for its proprietary, patented suspension system which Mammut called ‘Active Spine Technology’. It’s often hard to tell whether
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Q+A with Robert Kooyman
WILD: You discovered the Nightcap oak. Can you tell us a little about how that came about? And how did it evade ‘discovery’ for so long? RK: In 1988 I picked some leaves from a small sapling that looked like Macadamia in an area where Macadamia is de