A Brush With Warren Buffett

I don't know how it is where you live, but around these parts, in Washington, D.C., anxiety over coronavirus is off the charts. The panic buying started with hand sanitizer and toilet paper, then spread to bread and frozen veggies--and, of course, alcoholic beverages. We are rapidly adjusting to the concept of "social distancing," with closures of schools and workplaces and places of worship, not to mention cancellation of sports and

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How Long Should You Keep Tax Records?
Now that tax season is over, you can forget about taxes for a while! (Unless, of course, you got a filing extension.) But what should you do with all the forms, receipts, canceled checks and other records scattered across your desk? Do you need to ke
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Stock Market Today: Loud Merger Monday, Muted Day for Market
With the exception of a blockbuster media deal, Monday was a hushed, mixed session for stocks. The start of the trading week saw tech and growth plays resume their underperformance against a backdrop of consternation over inflation. "While moderate i
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Thinking of Buying an RV or Motor Home? Think Again!
“I run a photography business with my wife and adult son, traveling around the country taking photos of school kids and teachers for yearbooks. We are considering purchasing a large motor home where we can live and have a setup to take portraits and