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Q. How do you normally isolate yourself in order to write?

By writing when people

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Shifting Frontiers
There are new entrants in the top 10 states with the highest case load. Till July, Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Gujarat were on top, but in the past month newer states have emerged, especially in terms of daily cases, indicating a growing sprea
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Keeping The Faith
I have known Isher for a lifetime (okay, 46 years), and she and Montek are close personal friends of both my wife Ravinder Kaur (known as Ravi to friends) and me. This is a point about disclosure and the fact that reading Breaking Through has been an
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Rookie Error
Twenty years ago, Ensemble Studios launched Age of Empires II, a strategy game that allowed armchair emperors to play at war. The game began with a CGI enactment of a timeless trope—two kings face off across a chessboard, while, in the real world, kn