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Trailing Through the Woods: Stunning San Francisco
Muir Woods is one of the only remaining old-growth redwood forests in the Bay Area. The cool hush of this thousand-year-old forest, with a floor teeming with all manner of fungi, ferns and wood sorrel is guaranteed to take you into another world. The
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The Wuhan Lockdown: Sacrifice of a Province
On January 23, 2020, the first known instance in modern history of locking down a major city of 11 million people happened when the central government of the People's Republic of China imposed a lockdown in Hubei in an effort to prevent an epidemic.
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TREE OF LIFE: The Wood Element
It is wood. But other than its diverse physical nature, in Chinese philosophy, wood, sometimes translated as “tree”, represents the growth of matter. Wood is the first phase of wu xing, and in Taoism, its attributes are considered to be strength and