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Horror On The High Street
Kita Davies, 23, Barry Rocking our sleeping baby girl in his arms, a tear ran down Jordan’s face as he sung her a sweet lullaby. You’d never know it to look at him, but my man Jordan Davies was such a softy. Especially since becoming a daddy to our C
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This Week’s TV
NETFLIX Featuring 14 original songs by country icon Dolly, this festive feel-good musical stars Mamm Mia’s Christine Baranski as the Scrooge-like Regina Fuller, who’s determined to sell her father’s land to a mall developer, even if it means having p
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Win! £1,110 cash!
Which capital cityis located on the Sciberras Peninsula?Solve the puzzle byfollowing the arrowsand writing in youranswers. Then readdown the letters inthe shaded squares tofind the prize answer. WIN £1,000 Puzzle 10 Your answer: To solve the puzzle,