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❱ Expand borrowing for fiscal 2020-21 (current planned gross borrowing: Rs 7.8)

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India Today7 мин. чтенияPolitics
Law And Disorder
As the national capital settled in for its coldest winter in the past 15 years, it did little to thaw the tensions between the government and the protesting farm unions. However, in a ‘dramatic’ intervention on January 12, the Supreme Court bench of
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Coming Up...
The year 2020, everyone agrees, was a lousy one. Except, global lockdowns served, in very small part, as a reminder that reading is a means of escape, that the combination of a writer and your imagination can transport you to any place in any time an
India Today3 мин. чтенияAmerican Government
Trump’s New Year Gift to China
The violent assault on the iconic American Capitol building by a marauding pro-Trump mob extinguished whatever little glow was left of the shining City on the Hill. The vulgar images of the ugly desecration of the citadel of American democracy will r