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Sarah Morgan

Writing about relationships, bestselling novelist Sarah Morgan now has more than 80 contemporary romance novels to her name. Her latest, Family for

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KATIE LATHAM, 48, is a blacksmith from Devon, where she works with her father in their family forge. I became a blacksmith the way it’s happened for centuries – by joining the family forge. I’d always been around it, and had picked up the skills of
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3 Of The Best Sustainable Shampoos
✢ Odacité Soap Free Shampoo Bar, £27, cultbeauty.co.uk Free from the stripping soaps that leave hair dry and tangled, this harnesses a nourishing cocktail of argan oil, coconut oil and cupuacu butter. ✢ Davines A Single Shampoo, £19, cultbeauty.co.uk
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MY LIFE In Music
Like a smile, the power of music means the same thing in every language. It has the ability to tap into so many emotions – joy, pain, confusion, love, frustration and even anger. When you’re feeling low, the right song can snap you out of that mood w