Instagram Allowed For Truth To Be Crafted, Despite 'No Filter' Options

Bloomberg reporter Sarah Frier's new book is a vibrant play-by-play of how Instagram reached its high level of influence through the business of manufacturing coolness.
The Instagram photo sharing app is seen on an iPhone 11 Pro Max on April 4. Sarah Frier details the app's rise in her book No Filter: The Inside Story of Instagram. Source: NurPhoto

In 2018, shortly after hitting 1 billion users, photo-sharing app Instagram celebrated a flashy product launch in San Francisco with a lineup of its greatest hits: There were cruffins and avocado toast, areas for selfie-taking and a barista serving matcha lattes.

The spread was like an Instagram feed pulled offline, but by that time the world — digital and material — had already bent to fit the app's standards. Online, influencers and brands were profiting from the app. Offline, restaurants, hotels, bookstores and museums around the world had designed their spaces to be Instagrammable.

Bloomberg reporter Sarah Frier's is a vibrant

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