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olvic Watsons are heavy, long keel, double-ended motor-sailers that and lifeboats fame and have a reputation for seaworthiness. Given their lengths, these little ships boast an impressive interior volume, and – best of all – have a wheelhouse. Not only does this add considerably to the living space and comfort, but offers the benefit of excellent all-round visibility. For these undeniable qualities they enjoy a loyal and determined following.

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Excellent Electronics
Thanks for another great issue, (September 2020). Just the job now we’re starting to get afloat again. I’m sure you’ll get lots of messages about this [Ed: we did!], but I think you need to clarify the capacitor values in David Berry’s NASA clipper r
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Trailer Sailing In The Sounds
Last summer my wife, Jean, and I decided to trail our boat from Cumbria to Scotland for two weeks sailing off the West Coast. We settled for the beginning of June – the month the wise guys told us is best to visit. Hmm! During this time we were to di
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Speak Up If You’ll Sail In Europe Post Brexit
The RYA is trying to find out how many cruisers could be adversely impacted if the UK leaves the EU without reciprocal visa-free travel arrangements. At present, the UK is offering EU citizens visa-free travel for six months out of 12 from 1 January