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Rush hour on North Carolina’s Hatteras Island starts long before sunrise. Pickup trucks, minivans and station wagons snake down Highway 12 on their way to local marinas. In the parking lot of Hatteras Harbor, diesel fumes and excited voices fill the air as anglers climb out of their vehicles and pile into charter boats.

It’s early fall, and the ocean is cooling, driving every wahoo

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Deep-diving Slasher
Ever since I first went to sea with my uncle, Capt. Bill Dunn, I’ve been fascinated with swordfish. On a slick, calm August day in 1981, running out of Shinnecock Inlet on Long Island, my uncle calmly proclaimed, “Swordfish, 1 o’clock.” We were on th
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Nikea and I will be married at the pond in June. It’s really an old reservoir. A dam of cut stone laid across a small brook-trout stream that flows east off the Allegheny Front. The dam is old, circa 1923. The stones are older. During the past two de