25 Beautiful Homes


DECORATING TIP ‘I always advise buying art that you want to look at and live with – don’t buy just because you’ve been told that an artist is doing well’
LAST WORD ‘It’s important to find a designer who really

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25 Beautiful Homes2 мин. чтения
Creative Thinking
When Natalie Smith’s husband, Josh, spotted this handsome stone barn on an auction website four years ago, he wasn’t initially wearing his first-time-home-buyer hat. ‘The barn was derelict but it had once been used as commercial premises and Josh, wh
25 Beautiful Homes1 мин. чтения
25 Beautiful Homes
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Rural Bliss
After deciding to downsize from their elegant Arts and Crafts house in Tunbridge Wells, Wendy and John Gillah were under no illusions as to why they were buying a 1940s semi a few miles further out in the Kent countryside. ‘It was the worst house in