Pick Me Up Special


These adorable pictures show the real Hello Kitties – rescue kittens that travel around Japan in their owner's arms, bike basket and leads.

Daisuke Nagasawa, 50 and his faithful furry pals

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Pick Me Up Special1 мин. чтенияBiology
Fact File
Stargardt disease is a genetic eye condition that causes progressive central sight loss. Affecting a person’s fine detailed vision, the condition is estimated to affect between one in 8,000 to 10,000 people in the UK. There is currently no cure for S
Pick Me Up Special2 мин. чтения
Roll With The Punches
An entrepreneur who is constantly accosted by adoring fans for being the spitting image of boxer Anthony Joshua, now works as his professional lookalike and admits he even mistakes photos of the champion for himself, too. ‘The first time I realised
Pick Me Up Special1 мин. чтения
It Was Terrifying
Rosie says: ‘Harry’s always been healthy, and seeing him in the hospital bed with an oxygen mask on was terrifying. ‘Harry and I kept joking around about how dramatic he was being, how typical of him to want all this drama with having a brain tumou