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Farmer's Weekly2 мин. чтения
Pork Producers Look Forward To Growing The Industry In 2021
During 2020, the pork industry realised growth of 15%. The ideal was to keep growing the industry, but whether there was growth or not, the industry strived to put the necessary protocols in place to mitigate future risk as much as possible. This was
Farmer's Weekly2 мин. чтенияCookbooks, Food, & Wine
Market Barriers
Broadly speaking, South Africa’s farmers tend to be one of three types: commercial, small-scale (‘emerging’) or subsistence. The last of these produce food only for their families; there is no surplus to sell. The other two supply food to the market,
Farmer's Weekly1 мин. чтенияCookbooks, Food, & Wine
Commodity Expectations For 2021
In this second instalment of the outlook for agricultural commodities in 2021, Farmer’s Weekly takes a look at a wide range of subsectors in the industry. ■