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The Triggers of Mothers’ Day …

Mothers’ Day has been celebrated all over the world for centuries. It has been recorded that the sales of Mothers’ Day cards each year outnumber those of Fathers’ Day cards by tens of thousands. Intrinsically nurturing comes from our mothers. A mom provides a caring, soothing environment that feels safe and warm, in which her children can grow. However, this experience is not the

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What Is An “On-fire” Christian?
To be “on fire” is to be eager, zealous, or “burning” with enthusiasm. Sometimes we speak of “lighting a fire under” someone, by which we mean “motivating” that person or “urging” him or her to action. Related expressions used in the church include “
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Tough Minds and Tender Hearts
How do we live in a world that is so heavily bombarded by ideas trafficked through social media? In writing on one of today’s hot topics – the issue of social justice – author Darrow Miller speaks of the need for Christians to develop and maintain to