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1 What colour is an emerald?

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Embrace Your Curves!
If you have a heavier midsection with a wide torso and broad shoulders, you’re apple shaped like movie maven Melissa McCarthy. Embrace your shape with flattering options such as vests, coats or jackets that stop at the hip or just below the upper thi
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Five Quick Questions
1 “Stars and stripes” is the nickname of the flag of which country? 2 According to the book by Dr Seuss, who stole Christmas? 3 What’s the name given to a baby goat? 4 What is the most widely spoken language in Brazil? 5 How many milligrams ma
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Gold and silver coins, rings and personal items found in Powys, Wales, have been officially declared medieval treasure. The items, found by members of the public with metal detectors, are believed to have belonged to wealthy families centuries ago. O