Classic Boat

A time for reminiscing

Tis the time for reflection, reminiscing, re-evaluating and many other words beginning with ‘re’, but not the ‘s’ word (although one hopes by the time this hits the newsstands, sailing will have resumed, but I doubt it).

It is self-evident that classic boating can only exist if there are enough classic sailors – a fact recognised by a now-defunct sister magazine, which it would be ungenerous not to reference. For

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Thinking Big
Theme park rides are child’s play compared with racing aboard 141ft (43m) schooner Columbia under the command of Seth Salzmann. At the helm, however, choreographing trim and tactics, he manoeuvres 174 tonnes of steel with the ease of a dinghy in a po
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Historic Dry Dock Opens
Not long ago, we reported on the renovation of the East Cowes slipway by Wooden Ship Repairs in East Cowes. Now, owner Sam Fulford has unveiled another historic but working facility, with the renovation of the Arctic Road Dry Dock just across the riv
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