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nce a seam in a plank-on-frame wooden boat has been caulked with cotton or oakum, the final stage in keeping out the water is the stopping. I’ll never forget tackling this job on my 50ft (15.2m) pilot cutter. She’d just been caulked afresh by Alastair Garland at The Elephant Boatyard on the Hamble River. I wasn’t the world’s worst caulker by any means, but the boat had been suffering a chronic, undiscoverable leak and I felt that handing the job to a professional might give her a better chance. The leak itself is not

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Bosun’s Bag
Two of my early ocean cruising yachts came to me with flax gaff mainsails from England’s east coast. The smaller boat, built in Norway in 1903, had an overhanging boom. The spar on the 1911 Bristol Channel pilot cutter that replaced her ended directl
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1930s-style Commute To Work
In the early part of the 20th century, it was fashionable for wealthy American businessmen to travel, on a daily or weekly basis, between their country homes and their city offices through inland waterways. The vessels on which they did so were typic
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Those of us who were old enough to enjoy a pub, drive a car, go to rock concerts and sail offshore on yachts in the heady days of the 1960s were lucky. We were pitched headlong into an era of change, liberation, thrills and occasional spills. It was