Classic Boat


These are tough times for sailors. As the new season gets under way, many of us are becalmed in the homestead. Even if we aren’t ill personally, we’re keeping the front door closed so as to do the right thing by suffering humanity. I’m in an even worse situation than many; my yacht isn’t just chained to the dock in the local marina – she’s in a shed in Denmark, which, at the time of writing, has pulled up the drawbridge and dropped the portcullis at the border. So, here I sit, pondering on creative ways to have a nautical time.

I’m all right for drink, there seem to be some victuals still knocking around in the bottom of the freezer, my library is among the best-stocked in the western world and my roses have never had it so good, but my hands are going soft from lack of sailing.

Here, then, are a few ideas that we classic boaters can get stuck in to while we are confined to barracks.


I made the mat in the illustration more than 40 years ago. Returning from a protracted ocean voyage, I’d no money, no

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