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erhaps more than any other rally or regatta in the world, the Dunkirk return drives boat restorations forward. A big part of that is the fact that it only happens every 

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I am delighted to see that Slocum features in your second, online, list. Among my own favourites are The Sea Is For Sailing by Peter Pye and Once is Enough by Miles Smeeton; very surprising omissions, if I may say so. However, what really prompts me
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Grown Grab Rails
Restrictions on movement during the Covid-19 pandemic need be no barrier to maintaining the basic hand skills of boatbuilding, so long as we keep things at a modest scale. If you’re a latter-day Henry Adams, master shipwright at Bucklers Hard during
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Top Ten Films
Produced three years before Keaton’s famous The Navigator, The Boat is a delightful short film about what not to do at sea. Buster builds his own boat in his garage and destroys his house as he tows it to the dock. The boat, Damfino (the name is a tr