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Two Saunders Roe Medina Class motor yachts

t has probably been the first time since 1939 that two Saunders Roe Medina Class motor yachts have sat side by side (in the background, CB passim) has been in for some minor works before setting off for a planned Dutch adventure, but the big restoration of the day is : she has been at the Southwold yard for a major restoration of the hull and decks, as well as new engines. Since the boat’s arrival at the yard, the owner of has been informed that she was in fact a Dunkirk Little Ship. This has made her restoration even more special but, said the yard’s John Buckley, it “also focused the mind; it seemed fitting that we would aim to get her ready for the return to Dunkirk 80th commemorations at the end of May. So the race is on! Harbour Marine has attracted several of the Dunkirk Little Ships fleet for cosmetic improvements prior to the event in May and has become a hive of activity, as many want to be looking their best. In addition, several owners with boats from the same period are joining the commemorations and have come in for refits of varying proportions”.

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