During World War II (1939–1945), Japanese

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Say What?
The 1920s was an exciting, fast-paced decade. In addition to new music, literature, sports, and entertainment, a whole new vocabulary of slang emerged as well. Slang terms were all about humor and word play. Most words originated with young people, w
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Getting Started
The “Roaring 20s” is a simple phrase used to describe a dramatic time in U.S. history. Many people associate the 1920s with excitement and energy. One historian called the decade a period of “unparalleled plenty.” Historians also refer to it as a “go
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Your Letters
Draw a picture or write a poem or short essay that connects to one of the above COBBLESTONE themes on which we currently are working. All contributions must be your original work. Include a note from a parent or legal guardian clearly stating: “This