Peacock Pride

Indian peafowl are native to and are found in the wild throughout South

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And The Market Crashes
Republican presidential nominee Herbert Hoover had some hopeful words to share with Americans in 1928. He said that the day was in sight “when poverty will be banished from this nation.” As it turned out, that was wishful thinking. Beneath the glitte
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Getting Started
The “Roaring 20s” is a simple phrase used to describe a dramatic time in U.S. history. Many people associate the 1920s with excitement and energy. One historian called the decade a period of “unparalleled plenty.” Historians also refer to it as a “go
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Did You Know ?
On a dare, Alvin “Shipwreck” Kelly scampered up a flagpole in 1924. He remained atop the swaying structure for more than 13 hours. His actions attracted widespread attention, and pole sitting became a national craze. Kelly’s record was 49 days. That