To an Asteroid and Back

Asteroids All Around

Asteroids are space rocks, left over from when the solar system formed 4.5 billion years ago. They are some of the oldest objects in the solar system, so they are very interesting to scientists.

Asteroids can be a few feet (1 m) to hundreds of miles (500 km) across. They spin and travel around the sun in orbits, just like planets do. Most are found in

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To prepare for this trick, announce that you can predict the future! With a mystical flourish, write the number 1089 on a piece of paper (but don’t show the audience what you’ve written). Seal it in an envelope and give it to someone to hold. Give a
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You can call me Blockhead. Everyone else does. One day when I was just a boy, Maestro wrote out a math problem and gave us 10 minutes to solve it. I solved it in two seconds. That’s the way I am with numbers. I have loved them since I was very little