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f you’ve ever struggled with acne, you’ll know what a serious drain it can be – not only on your confidence, but also on your time, energy and even your wallet. From frantic googling to appointments with doctors and derms, the search for a solution to this skin condition can feel overwhelming and never-ending.

You try every potion, lotion and pill on the market, praying that this one will finally be the miracle product that clears up your skin – to no avail.

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DON’T feel the need to share intimate fantasies – often better not to! DON’T look to fulfill your fantasies via SnapChat, Instagram or other apps DON’T use internet games or chat rooms to explore your fantasies, as that’s unsafe DON’T act out fant
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SYMPTOMS: Usually none TREATMENT: None Almost every sexually active person will have HPV at some point. It’s so common! There’s 40 types of HPV, passed via vaginal, anal or oral sex. There’s no symptoms and most cause no harm. Your body gets rid of
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So, What Is Micellar Water, Exactly?
Ask a French girl what she uses on her face and she’ll likely say, “pas tant” (that means “not much”). But what she’s actually saying is this: just micellar water. Chances are, it’s the heart of her routine! Why? Well, the water in Paris is tough on