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More than just an itch?

TIs may seem like those super rare and kinda taboo things that only happen to a friend of a friend. But the numbers say otherwise! Get this: one million people will catch a sexually transmitted infection, just TODAY. And 290 million women around the world already have HPV. In total, there’s 27 known STIs and

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What’s In A Name? well, A Lot, Tbh
Pop on that wolf onesie and howl it out! Yep, Wolf Moon –the first moon of the year – is always an intense one. You’ll probs burst into tears for no reason. It’s totally normal, so ride it out! Life’s challenges? Had those for breakfast, #thankyouver
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Periods: Got questions?
It’s kinda weird when you think about it: periods are experienced by one half of the world’s population. And FYI, that’s just under four billion people. But still, ain’t nobody talking loud and proud about their P-time, right? Like, how long should i
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Lunar Power
It might look serene, but the moon is actually a total boss. It not only controls tidal forces, but some believe it can affect our emotions, too! And all from 300,000 kilometres away. Impressive! The thing about the moon is that it moves rapidly. Whi